Culinary Science (BPS) (NY)

Degree Type
Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS)

The bachelor's degree program in culinary science prepares graduates to pursue careers in research and development (chains and packaged goods); work for large foodservice operations such as hospitals, schools, and military organizations; serve as field representatives; use science for creative impetus as a restaurant chef; and more.

To qualify for the bachelor's degree in culinary science, students must be in good standing at the college and earn a total of 129 credits. Students also need to maintain a grade point average of at least 2.0 to complete the bachelor's degree program. Students may be eligible to receive up to 60 credits toward their degree for prior course work, certain examinations, military experience, and/or life achievement. Students must schedule a minimum of 33 upper-level culinary science credits at the CIA.

Program Learning Outcomes

In this program, students will apply a science-based understanding of the culinary arts to improve food production systems, food delivery systems, and customer satisfaction. The program compares traditional food production techniques and food delivery systems to new methods using modern equipment technologies. Students will study how culinary science is used to enhance food quality and to advance understanding of food in every area of the foodservice and hospitality industry. The knowledge that students gain will help graduates of this program become leaders and innovators in the food industry.

  • Students will analyze food using foundational physical, chemical, and biological scientific principles.
  • Students will develop professional-quality products for small- and large-scale production systems using a science-based understanding.
  • Students will compare and appraise food production techniques and food delivery systems.
  • Students will develop interdisciplinary problem-solving skills applicable to real-world food production challenges.
  • Students will apply sensory science principles to guide the food development and evaluation process.
  • Students will explore and evaluate career tracks in foodservice, food manufacturing, and research and development.
  • Students will develop advanced culinary and baking skills.

Instructional Programs and Schedule

While enrolled in the junior and senior years of the bachelor's degree programs, students will attend class over a 15- week semester. The college's academic schedule ensures that students will progress from intermediate to advanced subject matter in proper sequence.

The CIA reserves the right to modify course sequence, content, and offerings.

Graduation Requirements

Students enrolling in the Culinary Science major should work with their advisor to select the proper mix of in-person, online, or hybrid courses that both meet the graduation requirements of the degree and align with their academic goals and career aspirations. Students choose either the Culinary Arts focus or the Baking and Pastry Arts focus. The basic requirements follow.

Please note: Credits earned in the CIA's AOS and AAS degree programs apply towards the requirements of this program.

Culinary Arts Focus

Course Number
Culinary Arts Requirements  +
Sub-Total Credits

Liberal Arts Requirements

Course Number
Social Science - Select one  +
World Languages and Cultures - Select two  +
Sub-Total Credits
Total Credits