HMFB-210: Service and Beverage Management

Credits 3
This course explores table service principles and skills with an emphasis on customer service in a restaurant. Topics to be examined include guest relations, professional communication, and order taking in an à la carte environment; service sequence; point-of-sale systems; cash handling; beginning merchandising; table skills; and dining room preparation. The focus is on service to the guest, while looking at various styles such as Russian, American, and family-style service. Students will also learn the basic principles of beverage service, including suggesting wines and opening wine bottles correctly; serving wine in appropriate glassware and at the correct temperature; identifying key differences between New and Old World wine styles; understanding basic principles of how climate and geography affect the quality and style of wine; showing competence in reading labels from the major wine-producing nations; experiencing the wine tasting process; and identifying grape types used as well as the flavors of wines. The course will also focus on interacting with guests: student will put to work concepts including sequence of service, table maintenance, etiquette, and salesmanship, which will be discussed during lectures.
Prerequisite or Corequisite
Introduction to Food and Beverage Management (HMFB-110)