CUSC-450: Senior Thesis: Culinary Science Research Projects

Credits 3
This course will give students the opportunity to work independently with a faculty member and develop projects exploring a topic in culinary science that involves library research and applied kitchen experiments. Final results will be presented to the faculty in a thesis.
Culinary Science: Principles and Applications (CUSC-200); College Algebra (MTSC-110) or Calculus I (MTSC-205); Science Fundamentals (MTSC-115); Introduction to Statistics (MTSC-200); Culinary Chemistry (CUSC-310); Dynamics of Heat Transfer and Properties of Food (CUSC-315); Flavor Science and Perception (CUSC-320); Research Methods: Scientific Evaluation of Traditional Cooking Techniques (CUSC-325); Microbial Ecology of Food Systems (CUSC-350); Culinary Research and Development (CUSC-410); Ingredient Functionality: Texture Development, Stability, and Flavor Release (CUSC-415); Modern and Industrial Cooking Tools, Techniques, and Ingredients (CUSC-425); and Advanced Concepts in Precision Temperature Cooking (CUSC-420).