BAKE-242: Chocolate and Confectionery Technology and Techniques

Credits 3
This course will focus on chocolate and confectionery technology, ingredient function, and the production of chocolates and confections in an artisan setting. Vital concepts in both theory and practice will include controlling the crystallization of fats and sugars, manipulating water and free water in centers, and understanding the mechanics of emulsions. Students will apply their knowledge of these concepts in daily production of a wide range of chocolates and confections. Types of centers to be discussed and produced include varieties of ganache, crystalline and non-crystalline sugar confections, nut-based centers, jellies, and aerated confections. Ingredient function will focus on fats, nutritive sweeteners, dairy products, binding agents, and chocolate. Techniques include chocolate tempering methods, sugar cooking technique, hand dipping centers, and shell molding. Students entering this class should have a working knowledge of chocolate-handling techniques and chocolate tempering.
Baking & Pastry Techniques (BAKE-105)
Take Service & Beverage Management HMFB-210