CULS-115: Meat Identification, Fabrication, and Utilization

Credits 1.5
This course will introduce the student to the subject of meats and their application in foodservice operations, building a strong foundation that supports the principles to be learned in the cooking courses to follow. Through lectures, demonstrations, hands-on activities, and reviews, students will learn about the muscle and bone structure of beef, veal, pork, lamb, game, and poultry; fabrication methods for sub-primal and foodservice cuts; and proper tying and trussing methods. Lectures will introduce meat inspection, quality and yield grading, costing and yield testing, purchasing specifications, and basic information concerning the farm-to-table trail. Discussions will include preferred cooking methods for all meats, proper knife selection, and butchery equipment. Sanitation and safety standards will be stressed throughout.
Culinary Fundamentals (CULS-100) or Culinary Immersion Technology and Theory (CULS-120)--Cornell students only.

Take Non-Commercial HVP (CULP-135)