CULP-135: Non-Commercial Foodservice and High-Volume Production

Credits 3
This course will review the concepts of high-volume food production typical with non-commercial foodservice applications. Emphasis will be placed on station setup, timing, and service. Basic cooking and serving competencies will be reinforced and new skills specific to high-volume production preparation will be introduced. Additionally, accommodations for customer dietary restrictions will be discussed along with eating trends such as vegetarianism and veganism. The course will also provide an overview of food preparation and serving techniques used by the non-commercial segment of foodservice as well as restaurants, hotels, and other businesses that prepare food in high-volume quantities. The non-commercial segment includes dining services, such as in areas of education, health care, and/or business.
Culinary Fundamentals (CULS-100) or Culinary Immersion Technology and Theory (CULS-120)--Cornell students only.