ADWN-503: Old World Wines: Southern and Eastern Europe

Credits 3

This class explores in detail the history, terroir, grape varieties, and wine laws of the primary wine-growing countries in Southern and Eastern Europe through lecture, in-depth tastings, guest speakers, and class discussion. Critical issues, emerging regions, and pathways to global success for each country are discussed, as well as design, food compatibility, and wine selection considerations for beverage programs featuring Southern and Eastern European wines.


Viticulture and Viniculture (ADWN-500), The Wines of the New World: Northern Hemisphere (ADWN-508), New World Wines of the Southern Hemisphere, Asia & the Levant (ADWN-504), Distilled Spirits, and Introduction to Mixology (ADWN-509), Global Wine Business Management (ADWN-507), Graduate Seminar Research and Writing, PART 1 (ADWN-511).


Northern Wine Countries of Europe: The Wines of France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Hungary (ADWN-502), Fermented and Non-Alcoholic Beverages, (ADWN-506), Advanced Beverage Management, (ADWN-505), Graduate Seminar Research and Writing, PART 2 (ADWN-512).