ADWN-511: Graduate Seminar: Research, Scholarly Writing, Business Project, Part 1

Credits 1.5

This first of two online, practical, hands-on courses will provide learners with the strategies, skills, and tools they need to conduct effective academic research and produce quality written work. The courses will provide MPS in Wine Management learners with the opportunity to apply, demonstrate, integrate, and synthesize the competencies and learning outcomes obtained and developed throughout the Wine Management program and overall course of study. Through the successful completion of a series of structured research and development check-points, MPS learners will demonstrate that they possess the knowledge, skills, in Wine Management, in order to advance their professional position, and take their place in the world of wine.


Viticulture and Viniculture (ADWN-500), The Wines of the New World: Northern Hemisphere (ADWN-508), New World Wines of the Southern Hemisphere, Asia & the Levant (ADWN-504), Distilled Spirits and Introduction to Mixology (ADWN-509), Global Wines Business Management (ADWN-507)