ADWN-500: Viniculture and Viticulture

Credits 3

This course is an in depth exploration and analysis of historical and current viticultural and vinicultural techniques used in the production of wine. The unique expressions of classic vitis vinifera varieties, the impact of terroir and the impact of farming and winemaking techniques are explored through lecture, guest speakers, winery visits and class discussion. Professional wine tasting and the cause and effect relationship between tasting components of wine and viticulture /viniculture techniques are examined through extensive in class tastings.


The Wines of the New World: Northern Hemisphere (ADWN-508), New World Wines of the Southern Hemisphere, Asia & the Levant (ADWN-504), Distilled Spirits and Introduction to Mixology (ADWN-509), Global Wine Business Management (ADWN 507), Graduate Seminar Research and Writing, PART 1 (ADWN-511)