ADWN-507: Global Wine Business Operations

Credits 3

This course examines the wine business and wine operations that are paramount in understanding wine's place in the international marketplace. This syllabus focuses on the key elements of the global wine business environment: global wine market structures, production and consumption trends, sales models, global value chains, marketing and PR, and future trends and directions. The course presents the foundation for understanding key concepts of the global wine market and the current market climate. The focus then shifts to understanding the business issues in the United States and the nation's place in the global context. The course culminates with a discussion of future global wine issues.


Viticulture and Viniculture (ADWN-500), The Wines of the New World: Northern Hemisphere (ADWN-508), New World Wines of the Southern Hemisphere, Asia & the Levant (ADWN-504), Distilled Spirits and Introduction to Mixology (ADWN-509), Graduate Seminar Research and Writing, PART 1 (ADWN-511)