ADWN-512: Graduate Seminar: Research, Scholarly Writing, Business Project, Part 2

Credits 1.5

This course will serve as the second part in a two-part capstone seminar, designed to provide MPS in Wine and Beverage Management learners with the opportunity to effective research, produce quality written work, and apply the research to a business focused project. The learners will apply, demonstrate, integrate, and synthesize competencies and learning outcomes obtained and developed from courses throughout the Wine and Beverage Management graduate program, in projects relevant to a specific topic of interest. As an example, learners might call on their knowledge of terroir, viniculture, or viticulture – or their insights about emerging trends within the global wine marketplace – or their understanding of specific laws that apply to wine and beverage distribution channels, applying their knowledge to a project that demonstrates their place as a professional within the industry.

These competencies will be applied to a series of scaffolded exercises that will help the learner complete the preparation of a specific project (on a topic identified in Part 1 of this course). This project may be in the form of a plan for an entrepreneurial venture, a project for a current or future employer, or a personal interest project, viewed through a business lens.


Old World Wines: Southern and Eastern Europe, (ADWN-503), Northern Wine Countries of Europe: The Wines of France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Hungary (ADWN-502), Fermented and Non-Alcoholic Beverages (ADWN-506)