Advanced Concepts in Baking and Pastry


ACBP-450: Creative Artisanal Chocolates

In this hands-on course, students will conceive, design, develop, and produce a line of confectionery items that is appropriate for a proposed business model. They will take confectionery items from concept through formula development into production, and ultimately to packaging and sales. Students will use their knowledge of confectionery techniques and ingredient function to evaluate and troubleshoot products that they design and put into production.

ACBP-451: Pastry Concepts and Design

This course will introduce students to the practical application of the principles for the designing of both baked goods as well as assorted pastry items. Participants will take a variety of products through the entire cycle of production, from concept and design to planning production needs to the packaging and display of such products. Topics include product design; production requirements, focusing on equipment strategy; and packaging design, including the history of packaging as well as cultural and environmental concerns. The material covered in this course will play an important part in adding knowledge and understanding of how the baking and pastry industry navigates the flow process from conception to completion.

ACBP-452: Modern Entremets, Pastries, and Petit Fours

During this course, students examine the art and craft of contemporary entremets, pastries, and petit fours. Focusing on current designs, flavors, and production techniques, students will create a wide variety of products that are progressive in style, flavor, and appearance.