Student dining at The Culinary Institute of America is much more than a typical college meal plan. It's an important part of the campus culture at the CIA, fostering community and teamwork by preparing and sharing meals together right out of the various teaching kitchens on campus. Most important, student dining is a vital part of a CIA education, both for those students preparing the meals and those partaking in them. The college's unique dining program is driven by the curriculum and provides the campus population with a vast array of menu options each class day.

By taking advantage of their instructional day meals (see Meals—Board for more information), students educate their palates and expand their exposure to a variety of cuisines, foods, ingredients, and cooking methods. Enjoying student-prepared meals also serves to support the efforts of classmates in achieving their educational goals. Through the dining program, students learn valuable real-world skills such as preparing mise en place, building speed and timing in the kitchen, and plating for service.

For more information, see the Student Handbook.

The Egg

Located within the Student Commons at the New York campus, The Egg is the CIA student dining facility and common area. It also serves as a classroom for the Non-Commercial Foodservice and High-Volume Production course and home to the Innovation Kitchen, which features a "pop-up" restaurant developed and operated by students in the Intrapreneurship concentration. The Brewery at the CIA, in partnership with Brooklyn Brewery, is also located within The Egg and serves as the hands-on lab for the Art and Science of Brewing course in the bachelor's degree program.

In addition to student dining and its role in the curricula, The Egg serves as a gathering place with many amenities for our students' enjoyment and comfort. The facility is also open to staff and visitors to the campus.

Dietary Restrictions

See the Disability Services department for more information.