Disability Services

The Learning Strategies Center/Library Learning Commons also houses Disability Services. We believe that students with disabling conditions improve the diversity and vitality of the student body. As such, in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Disability Services function of the Learning Strategies Center is dedicated to ensuring that disabled students have equal access to all programs and curricula. Additional information and forms can be found on the student portal (CIA Main Menu) by selecting Academic Services and Support, and then Library Learning Commons.

The LSC/LLC will assist qualified students in attaining reasonable accommodations and support services. The disability support specialists are available to discuss students' specific needs in the classroom, kitchen, and residence hall. Reasonable accommodations may include readers, note-takers, priority seating, enlargement of notes, tape recording a lecture, audio books, interpreters, testing accommodations, assistance with lifting, priority registration, or residence hall accommodations. Accommodations depend on the student's documentation and specific functional limitations. After reviewing the documentation and interviewing the student, a disability support specialist will determine and recommend appropriate accommodations for each student's course of study.

It is the responsibility of students to initiate a request for services and remain involved as committed learners who have taken charge of their own needs. Due to confidentiality laws governing institutions of higher education, students must disclose their disability with the Office of Disabilities to request accommodations from each instructor and/or other staff members and departments on campus. Students with disabling conditions who desire accommodations for a class, quiz, midterm, or final exam must request the accommodations with the Office of Disabilities for every instance. Students should notify instructors of their disability and need for accommodations during the first week of class.

Dietary Restrictions

Understanding that some students may have medical restrictions—including food allergies and sensitivities—that affect their diet, the college's Disability Services staff is available to assist in addressing these limitations as they apply to the technical requirements of the curriculum. Students must provide medical documentation of their dietary restriction to the necessary staff members. For information about reasonable accommodations for class assignments, product handling, and/or student dining options as related to medical dietary restrictions, please contact the Disability Services Department.

Learn more about facilities and services for students with disabilities at www.ciachef.edu/consumer-information.