MWBM-550: Spirits, Fermented Beverages, and Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Credits 3
This course examines the production methods and styles of spirits, beer, sake, cider, perry, tea, coffee, juice and water through online lectures, discussion, guest speakers and tastings. Each beverage is explored in detail regarding its historical, current and future impact throughout the world. Proper preparation and service techniques for each beverage are discussed, along with the integration of these beverages in professional beverage programs. Spirits, fermented, and non-alcoholic beverages represent not only the oldest, but the most widely consumed beverage category in society today. The parallel concepts of terroir that coffee, tea, spirits, beer, sake and water share with wine, present the opportunity to apply similar learning strategies. Understanding the history, terroir, varieties and production techniques for each beverage, coupled with focused tastings and discussion, provides the template for understanding and differentiating these beverages.
Residency One-Viticulture and Viniculture, Orientation and Cohort Formation (MWBM-501A), Global Wine Business Operations (MWBM-500), The New World--Northern Hemisphere (MWBM-510), Advanced Beverage Management (MWBM-520), The New World--Southern Hemisphere (MWBM-530), and Residency Two-Global Wine Summit + Framing of Capstone (MWBM-501B).
The Old World--Northern Wine Countries of Europe (MWBM-540)