MWBM-540: The Old World--Northern Wine Countries of Europe

Credits 3
This course explores the histories, rise to prominence, and modern changes related to wines from the northern appellations of Europe. In depth study of the wines of France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Hungary is the focus of the course, and accompanying analytical tastings of the major appellations enhances the understanding of these important foreign wines. In addition, the course examines the terroirs of the major regions, delves into traditional and contemporary production methods, and analyzes the recent wine labeling changes in the European Union member countries that produce wine. Understanding the history, laws, terroir, viticultural and vinicultural techniques, along with focused tastings of classic varieties provides the template for understanding any wine growing region. The consistent application of this template allows the student to examine wine regions in a consistent fashion while differentiating the unique aspects of each region, in addition to identifying current and future issues facing each region's wine industry.
Residency One-Viticulture and Viniculture, Orientation and Cohort Formation (MWBM-501A), Global Wine Business Operations (MWBM-500), The New World--Northern Hemisphere (MWBM-510), Advanced Beverage Management (MWBM-520), The New World--Southern Hemisphere (MWBM-530), and Residency Two-Global Wine Summit + Framing of Capstone (MWBM-501B).
Spirits, Fermented, and Non-Alcoholic Beverages (MWBM-540)