MWBM-501C: Capstone Presentation Residency

Credits 1
Over three days of structured Q&A, peer evaluation, discussion and practice, students will hone their skills to prepare for a final presentation of their Playbook project. The students will gather in their communities of practice for peer review and discussion prior to delivering their final Playbook presentation to an audience consisting of MPS faculty, advisors, mentors, CIA partners and guests. In addition, the learners will complete self and peer evaluations on final projects / playbooks as well as on the overall degree program.
Residency One-Viticulture and Viniculture, Orientation and Cohort Formation (MWBM-501A), Global Wine Business Operations (MWBM-500), The New World--Northern Hemisphere (MWBM-510), Advanced Beverage Management (MWBM-520), The New World--Southern Hemisphere (MWBM-530), Residency Two-Global Wine Summit and Framing of Capstone (MWBM-501B), The Old World-Northern Wine Countries of Europe (MWBM-540), Spirits, Fermented, and Non-Alcoholic Beverages (MWBM-550), The Old World-Southern and Eastern Europe (MWBM-560), and Entrepreneurial Innovation & Business for Wine and Beverage (MWBM-570).
Graduate Seminar and Capstone Project (MWBM-580)