MWBM-501A: Viticulture, Viniculture and Cohort Formation Residency

Credits 2
This course provides a fundamental foundation for the study of wine, the impact of terroir and styles of farming and winemaking through online education and a one-week residency that features guest speakers, winery visits and class discussion. Professional wine tasting and the cause-and-effect relationship between components of wine and viticulture / viniculture techniques are examined through in class tastings. This course also provides MPS learners with the opportunity to connect with their cohort, practice organization and team management skills, complete a baseline self-evaluation of skill and mindsets in the context of a career in the wine industry. As a part of the online portion of this course, students will complete an online primer which will provide the necessary resources to prepare them for program success in an online learning environment.
Global Wine Business Operations (MWBM-500), The New World--Northern Hemisphere (MWBM-510).