Withdrawal from the CIA is granted when you anticipate that you will not be returning to the college. You will be placed on withdrawal at the time that a requested leave of absence exceeds 90 days, or if you do not continue attending classes and have not requested a leave of absence in writing. You should make a request for withdrawal to the Student Affairs Office. Externship candidates who have not provided Career Services with a signed training agreement from an approved externship site within the first three weeks of the semester prior to the start of the externship will be officially withdrawn. If you leave your externship site prior to the agreed-upon timeframe for whatever reason, you will be considered as not being enrolled and will be withdrawn.

After a withdrawal, you are responsible for any curriculum modifications that occurred during your absence, even if you were already beyond that point in the curriculum. You will be charged full tuition appropriate to the class. If you have federal loans, once you withdraw, repayment of loans may begin within six months.

Administrative Withdrawal/Dropping a Course

You are expected to attend and complete all classes for which you are registered. If an illness or personal emergency prevents you from continuing in an assigned class, you must immediately request an administrative withdrawal from the class. You must request to withdraw from a course within the first five days of the course. First-semester freshmen, juniors, and seniors may not qualify for an administrative withdrawal for a class unless they are able to retain their full-time status.

Self-withdrawal from an assigned class without being granted an administrative withdrawal may result in failure of the class, and the entire tuition to retake the class will apply. All requests for an administrative withdrawal are considered, but not all requests are granted. AOS students granted an administrative withdrawal will be assessed a $60 fee to retake the class. Bachelor's students in the junior and senior years who are granted an administrative withdrawal will need to retake the course in subsequent semesters as part of their full-time credit load at full tuition cost. Please note that if you are failing a class in which you were enrolled prior to dropping the course, you may be issued a failing grade for the class.

Regarding a request for an administrative withdrawal (AW), please be aware of the following:

  • If you notify the appropriate office during the time period outlined above, you will most likely be granted an AW.
  • Following this time period, the circumstances surrounding the AW may be reviewed with the faculty member to support such a decision.
  • In the final week of a course, no AWs will be granted unless there is an extreme emergency.
  • If you become ill at any time, an AW from a class may be granted as long as the illness can be verified. Please note that, in such a case, you would be removed from all classes due to illness, not just the one specified.

It's your responsibility to seek out the appropriate office when requesting an AW:

  • Health Services Office (for medical reasons)
  • Student Affairs Office (all other reasons)