Student Health Services

New York

Student Health Services offers services including: first aid and emergency response, visits for illness and injury, follow-up care, routine vaccinations, health education and health screening. The services of registered nurses and a family nurse practitioner are available at Student Health Services. The cost of off-campus medical visits, prescriptions, and vaccines are the responsibility of the student.

There is a $20 fee for the family nurse practitioner's consultation which will be charged to the student's financial account. If any in-house testing is performed, associated fees will be added to the visit charges.  If students have insurance that covers prescriptions, they will need to provide this information to the off-campus pharmacy before filling the prescription. Students should be aware that some out-of-state prescriptions may not be filled in New York State.  The nurse practitioner in Health Services can prescribe refills for most chronic medications.

In addition, if a student has an illness that the nurse practitioner or Department of Health feels would endanger other students, it may be mandatory that the student leave campus.

Campus Safety should be notified of all emergencies by calling 845-451-1111.  Any Emergency Room or Urgent Care visits should be reported to the Health Services Office.


If students experience a minor injury while on campus, there are first aid kits available in all teaching kitchens and residence halls at CIA Greystone . First aid is provided on campus by the Office of Safety and Security. For more serious injuries, visit the Emergency Room located five minutes away at St. Helena Hospital, 10 Woodland Hill, St. Helena. The cost of off-campus medical visits, prescriptions, medications and vaccines will be the responsibility of the student. Please report Emergency Room or Urgent Care visits to the Office of Safety and Security.


If students experience a minor injury while on campus, there are first aid kits available in all teaching kitchens. For more serious injuries, students should contact their instructor or the manager-in-training for directions, or to request transportation, to the emergency clinic or hospital. The cost of off-campus medical visits, prescriptions, medications and vaccines will be the responsibility of the student. Please report Emergency Room or Urgent Care visits to the director of education or the student services manager.

Pre-Entry Medical Requirements

Students are required to have a complete physical with a medical provider within the year prior to their entry date.  The provider will need to sign and date paperwork documenting the encounter and immunization records.

The Department of Health and the CIA require documentation of having received two MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccinations or lab immunity to MMR prior to entry, as well as a screening for tuberculosis (TB).  If these requirements are not met, students will need to be immunized against MMR and/or screened for TB. The CIA also requires vaccination against hepatitis A, provided in two injections separated by six months. Vaccination against hepatitis B is recommended but not required in New York or Texas. It is required for students less than 19 years of age in California. The hepatitis B vaccine is given in three injections over a six month period. The meningitis ACWY vaccine, which protects against meningitis is required in Texas for student less than 22 years of age, and is recommended in New York and California. The meningitis vaccine is available in one injection. All students in California and New York, regardless of meningitis vaccination history, will need to sign and date a meningitis response form which can be found in the medical admission packet.  Meningitis B vaccination is not required on any campus. 

Students should make arrangements with a health care provider to administer any required immunizations prior to their entry date. Any follow-up vaccinations can be obtained either on-campus in Hyde Park, or through an off-campus provider when necessary. At the New York campus, Health Services can administer vaccines and charge all vaccine fees to the student's financial account.

The entire Vaccination Policy can be found on the CIA Main Menu Policies and Procedures page.

Medical Contract

If students arrive on their entry date with missing or incomplete medical information, they will need to sign a contract stating that all medical forms, immunizations, and required lab tests will be completed by the end of their first week or students may be subject to a $200 charge. If students do not comply with this contract, their name will not be added to the class roster and they will not be permitted to attend classes until all information is completed and approved by Health Services in New York. Students are also responsible for paying the class makeup fee.

Nurse Response Line—NY

The after-hours nurse triage line provides nursing medical services through a medical answering system when the Student Health Office is closed. Students can call 845-451-1261 to access this service.  If students have a medical emergency and/or require ambulance transport, they should call the Safety Office at 845-451-1111.

Facial Hair Variance—Health-Related

If a student is unable to shave facial hair due to a health-related issue, written documentation from an off-campus medical provider must be submitted in order to obtain a variance letter. The student must carry the variance letter at all times and will require renewal as determined by Health Services staff. A student with a shaving variance may be required to wear a snood in order to enter or participate in food preparation and service locations.  The student is responsible for obtaining their own snood as these will not be provided by Student Health Services.   Medical documentation must be submitted to:


Submit medical documentation to:

Variance issued by:

New York

Student Health Services, Roth Hall, ground floor

Student Affairs, Student Commons Room, 236


Learning Strategies Center (LSC)

LSC Manager


Learning Strategies Center (LSC)

LSC Administrator

Health Insurance

The CIA does not provide medical health insurance to students. Students may purchase health insurance through an outside agency if they do not have individual insurance or are not covered by a family member's plan.  Students should determine if their health insurance policy will cover them while attending any one of the CIA campuses.  Please note that proof of health insurance is required for all international students.  The staff in the International Student Affairs Office can assist international students with obtaining coverage.

New York students taking the Global Cuisines and Cultures trip are encouraged to review insurance options and coverage through the CIA travel partner prior to visiting their destination.

Secondary Student Accident Insurance

Effective August 12, 2019 the CIA carries secondary student accident insurance for physical accidents for injuries sustained while participating in scheduled, sponsored, or approved activities of the CIA within the United States. Students must first file a claim through their own insurance plan and then file the necessary paperwork with the CIA's secondary student accident insurance plan within 90 days of the accident. The benefit period for a claim is 52 weeks from the date of the accident.

Note: The Student Accident Insurance policy does not cover medical expenses due to illness and is not intended to replace personal health insurance coverage.

The following procedures outline the process to submit a claim:

1. Students can obtain a claim form from Health Services (NY campus) or CIA Main Menu (all U.S. campuses).

2. Students must file a claim through their own insurance plan first.

3. Students must report the claim to Zurich Accident Insurance Company within 90 days of the accident by completing and submitting the Blanket Accident Insurance Policy Proof of Covered Loss Form. Upon receiving either an Explanation of Benefits from their primary insurance provider or an itemized bill (if they do not have health insurance) students must complete the Zurich form and bring it to Julie Wolfe, executive assistant to the vice president of finance and administration, (Roth Hall S-342 at the New York campus or for review and signature prior to submitting to Zurich.

4. Claims can be submitted using the following methods:


Administrative Concepts, Inc.

994 Old Eagle School Road, Suite 1005

Wayne, PA 19087-1802

Phone: (888) 893-9229

Fax: (610) 293-9299


Please note: The Finance Office will not be responsible for completing the student accident form or obtaining copies of medical bills. Students will deal directly with Zurich Accident Insurance Company.

Medical Provider's Release

After any injury or illness which prevents or impacts a student's ability to attend class or meet the technical standards of the college, the student will need to obtain a release from an off-campus medical provider to return to class at full duty without restrictions.  If a student needs temporary accommodations, they are instructed to coordinate with the Learning Strategies Center staff on their campus.  If an extension is needed following a term of temporary accommodations, students may need additional medical clearance to return to class at full duty without restrictions.  Any absences accumulated during the time of illness or injury, or while waiting for medical clearance are subject to the limits outlined in the Policy on Attendance in the CIA Academic Catalog.  Please present the healthcare provider's medical clearance to Student Health Services in New York and the on-campus Learning Strategies Center staff for reference.