Statement of Student Responsibility

The Culinary Institute of America provides a practical learning environment for each of its students. Students will be required to participate in a variety of hands-on experiences on or off campus, consistent with training in the culinary field. Each CIA student assumes the risks and responsibilities inherent in the education process.

Observation and application experiences may at times involve dangers and hazards to which professionals in the foodservice industry are exposed, along with the normal risks of functioning in American society. Although the CIA can assume no responsibility for any of these risks, we do attempt to provide a safe environment and to instruct students in safe practices and procedures. However, we are not immune to injury in the course of our daily lives, work, or field of study, so students should conduct themselves with due and reasonable care in all of their actions.

Whether a particular education experience is a degree requirement or a voluntary extracurricular activity, students must decide whether or not to participate and expose themselves to its possible hazards. If students choose not to participate in a required activity, however, they may fail to satisfy the course or degree requirements. Students may wish to discuss the risks noted above with the faculty or staff supervisor of the activity in which they're participating.