Roommate Consolidation

If a student's roommate moves out—off campus or to another room—a space will likely be available in the room. If the college is unable to assign another person to fill the open space, it may be necessary to consolidate to accommodate overall campus housing requests and student housing needs. Students who do not have roommates may be required to consolidate or pay a fee associated with having a single room, depending on the housing needs of the college. To avoid paying a higher rate for a room, students may move into another occupied room with a free space or find another residential student to move into their residence.

All students who are in single rooms and have not requested a single room will be given an opportunity within a specified time period to find a roommate and consolidate on their own.

In the event a student cannot find a roommate, Residence Life staff will pair the student with another peer who is without a roommate. If a student refuses to move, the single-room rate will be charged to the student's account and disciplinary action may be taken.

The housing contract allows Residence Life to consolidate students into rooms to:

  1. ensure residents pay for the room and living arrangements to which they agreed,
  2. provide for the safety and security of all individuals living on campus, and
  3. be more "green" by saving electricity, water, heating, and air conditioning costs.

Residence Life staff is available to answer questions and provide assistance through the consolidation process.