Room Furnishings

The Culinary Institute of America maintains a strict furniture policy to ensure fire safety. Additionally, personal furniture can contribute to pest problems. All rooms are furnished appropriately for its occupants.

Any additional furniture must be approved prior to being brought to campus. When personal furniture is approved to be brought into the residence halls, it must fit into the bedroom or suite and must be purchased new. CIA-owned furniture belonging to the suite or room will not be removed under any circumstances, and must remain in the room or suite. Residents should obtain proper measurements of the room space prior to acquiring any new furniture to ensure safe egress.

Additional furniture requests must also be approved by the Supervisor—Environmental Health and Safety. If approved for specialty furniture, residents are responsible to move personal furniture on their own when they move in or out of the building. Residents will be charged for any personal furniture that causes pest problems. Residence Life may amend these guidelines at any time and reserves the right to require the immediate removal of any personal furniture for any reason.

The following furnishings are provided at each campus:

New York

Each room is equipped with a MicroFridge, desk, bookcase, desk lamp, desk chair, chest of drawers, wardrobe or closet, bed frame, and mattress (39 inches by 80 inches) for each resident. If a student is placed in a triple in Hudson, the bed will be lofted and there will not be a desk lamp. Some double rooms also have lofted beds. Most residence hall rooms measure approximately 12 feet by 20 feet although rooms in the lodges and townhouses are of varying dimensions.


Each room is equipped with a MicroFridge, desk, desk lamp, desk chair, chest of drawers/dresser, bed frame, and mattress (39 inches by 80 inches) for each resident.

Students are expected to provide bed linens, blankets, pillows, towels, personal toiletries, soaps, and cleaning supplies. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning. Bumper stickers, permanent fixtures, or posters are not allowed on residence hall doors facing the hallway. Student should refer to Residence Hall Fire Safety regarding items that may or may not be permitted in a room.