Room Changes

A common reason for requesting a room change is conflict with roommates or discomfort in a new environment. It takes time for students to develop roommate compatibility and familiarity with a new home. Therefore, room change requests will not be accepted unless the student has first attempted to mediate the conflict with residence life staff present. Room change requests won't be honored if students are scheduled to complete their time at the CIA within six weeks.

When necessary, students may request a room change. Priority for approval is based on date of request, seniority (completed credits and class level), mutual requests of roommates, and/or space availability. Students must submit their room change application electronically via the Residence Life Portal found on the MainMenu to the professional Residence Life staff member of their building. Students will receive a written response and instructions concerning the request via email. If students fail to complete an approved room change, or make an unauthorized room change, students are subject to a $100 fine and/or loss of room assignment. Students may not request more than one room change in an academic year (two semesters). Approved room changes are scheduled to take place approximately six weeks into a semester or at the conclusion of a semester.

Room change approvals will be considered for the following reasons:

  1. Severe roommate conflict
  2. Class schedule conflict
  3. Financial or medical need
  4. Students who were not accommodated at the time of move-in due to space restrictions.

In Hudson Hall on the New York campus, students may not request to move out of Hudson Hall for at least two consecutive semesters. All students may request a room change within their first two semesters as long as they remain within Hudson Hall.