Residence Hall License Agreement

On-campus housing is a privilege. New students in any of the CIA's full-time degree programs must submit a completed application and signed Residence Hall License Agreement prior to their entry date. Visit the CIA Main Menu student portal to apply for housing. Specific room requests cannot be guaranteed.

The signed Residence Hall License Agreement constitutes a binding lease for two full consecutive semesters (normally 30 weeks), but will be extended for an additional semester automatically as long as the resident meets eligibility. The lease can also be extended upon request and at the discretion of Residence Life. Residents who wish to be released from this commitment must apply for a release from the Residence Life Office for alternative housing and must meet departmental requirements. 

Residents who wish to be released from this contractual Agreement at the end of a full semester will not be held responsible for the next semester providing they submit their request for release to the Residence Life Office at least 45 days prior to the beginning of the next semester. Students who officially or unofficially leave the CIA through leave of absence, suspension, withdrawal, or termination, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, will be held to the residence hall fee refund formula as listed in the Withdrawal Policy under Student Accounts. Students moving into campus housing in the middle of a semester will be charged a pro-rated housing fee for that partial semester, and will not receive a refund if they move out of campus housing prior to the completion of that semester.

If students are not enrolled in class, they must vacate their room within 24 hours after attending their last class unless granted permission to remain longer by the associate dean of student affairs and residence life or designee.