Property Pass Policy


The Culinary Institute of America is committed to protecting the assets of the college by preventing theft of its property, equipment, or other goods such as food products. This policy clarifies the acceptable use of such assets.

Policy Statement

The CIA purchases and provides equipment, food products, and other items for use by employees and students to meet the education mission and objectives of the college.

An employee or student may remove certain CIA-owned property, equipment, or other goods from a kitchen or the CIA premises only with a proof of purchase or appropriately signed CIA Property Pass or CIA Education Food Pass.

Certain items owned by the CIA may not be approved for removal from any CIA premises. These items include, but are not limited to, raw food products, ingredients, supplies, and alcohol.

Gifts, other items, or products received from business contacts, sponsors, or vendors (regardless if they are currently doing business with the college) are the property of the CIA and may not be approved for removal from CIA premises in accordance with this policy. Promotional gift items of a nominal value (T-shirts, ball caps, pens, etc.) may be removed from campus and are not subject to the controls of this policy.

The entire Property Pass Policy can be found on the CIA Main Menu Policies and Procedures page.