New York Campus-specific Information

The following information is specific to the New York campus.


The Craig Claiborne Bookstore is located on the first floor of Roth Hall and is open to students, faculty, staff, and visitors on days when classes are in session. Students can find a list of more than 1,000 titles, many of which are difficult to find elsewhere. Additionally, students can find many familiar names in professional cooking and baking, including J. A. Henckel, Ateco, and others.

The bookstore also sells a selection of school supplies, health and beauty aids, and a wide range of gift items from sweatshirts and T-shirts to glassware and key chains, as well as elegant diploma frames. The bookstore also features gourmet foods such as fine chocolates, coffee, tea, oils, and vinegars, as well as products by graduates and local merchants. Most items in stock are available by mail and web order. The bookstore's website may be accessed via Students can purchase textbooks in store or via the website, and pick up in store. Please inquire about special-order services for books, knives, and tools.

Copy Center

Students can request printed versions of course-related material found on Moodle such as course guides, PowerPoint presentations, and recipes. The cost per printed black-and-white copy is 5 cents per printed side and color is 10 cents per printed side. Print requests should be sent via e-mail to Due to the volume of requests, orders may take a day to a few days to complete. Only Culinary Cash is accepted as payment.

Club leaders and bachelor's degree students making copies for their dining event should always have faculty approval and know their club's or event's account number to charge before bringing any jobs to the Copy Center. Students should provide originals that are ready to copy or print and allow at least 24 hours for the Copy Center to complete the job. Students can e-mail their jobs to


The mail room supports all faculty, staff, and students with CIA incoming and business-related outgoing mail and packages. The mail room is not affiliated with the U.S. Postal Service and is not a public mail center. All student's outgoing packages should be shipped from the Hyde Park Post Office or The Shipping Place, both located north of the college on Route 9. Students can also visit the websites of UPS, FedEx, or USPS for shipping options. For convenience, stamps may be purchased at the Barnes & Noble (Craig Claiborne) Bookstore and at the SRC front desk on the New York campus. Stamps are not sold from the CIA mail room.

Package/Letter Pickup

It is the responsibility of CIA students to:

  • Use their legal name, as recorded at the Registrar's Office, on all correspondence—incoming and outgoing
  • Use a valid CIA photo ID to pick up a package. A student's ID must match the package address name.
  • Pick up packages in a timely manner, within one day once notification has been recieved.

When students receive a letter/package, an e-mail notification will be sent to their CIA e-mail address stating they have a package to pick up at either The Lockers or at the Service Window. A reminder message will be automatically sent several times.

To help speed up mail delivery, students should communicate their correct address to all correspondents. Failure to do so will delay mail.

All letters and packages must be addressed using the format below. This includes outgoing and incoming parcels and letters as well as any online purchases delivered to the CIA.

Name (as recorded with the Registrar's Office)

The Culinary Institute of America

1946 Campus Drive

Hyde Park, NY  12538

Return to Sender

Should a package not be picked up within 10 days, the mailroom will attempt to contact recipients by email and phone. Should contact be unsuccessful, the package/letter will be returned to sender.

Students should consider eco-friendly options:

  • Paperless Billing Statements—sign up with vendors for paperless billing; no more paper statements in the mail.
  • Paperless Correspondence—use e-mail instead of paper mail whenever possible.  

Our Lady of the Way Chapel

Mass is held Sundays at 10 a.m. and noon at the chapel near the south entrance of the CIA.

Use of the Roth Hall Elevator

A medical variance is required for students to ride the elevator in Roth Hall.  Students can apply for a medical variance to ride the elevator at Student Health Services. A variance will only be issued when a letter from an off-campus medical provider is submitted.  Certain restrictions may apply.  An exception is made for students delivering heavy materials required for a class that can only be transported via the elevator.


Due to the large number of students living on campus, classes will rarely be canceled as a result of bad weather. If students miss classes, they will be marked absent for the class sessions for which they are not present. If students live off campus, they are directed to use their own judgment before attempting to drive. Our Inclement Weather Policy provides for possible delays in AM classes, early closing, or complete closing for the day. Delayed openings will be announced by 5:30 a.m. or earlier. Any closings or delays will be posted on our home page at, and are available via our weather hotline (845-905-4444) and on the following radio stations:

Dutchess/Ulster Counties
WPDH—101.5, 106.1 FM
WRRV—92.7, 96.9 FM
MIX 97—97.7 FM
THE WOLF—94.3 or 97.3 FM

The Inclement Weather Team constantly monitors local weather conditions, media reports and government alerts to be aware of and respond appropriately to any threatening condition or weather event. Should any of the above described conditions pose an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or employees on campus, an emergency notification will be issued in accordance with established procedures. In the event of a dangerous hurricane, wildfire, flooding or other such emergency, local authorities may issue an evacuation notice to alert residents that life threatening conditions exist and it is important to leave the area. Evacuation orders vary by community and may range from voluntary to mandatory. The CIMT will monitor any such situations and consider evacuating the campus and/or lodging facilities prior to the issuance of a mandatory evacuation notice. 

Should wildfire smoke and ash (or any other conditions) cause the air quality to become unhealthy or worse (reference the above chart), an emergency notification will be issued in accordance with established procedures  and N95 respirator masks will be made available for use by students, faculty and staff.

In addition, students will be notified through our Mass Notification System on campus. The college has created an account for all students using their CIA email address. All students should add their contact information (mobile phone/text) and download the Everbridge Mobile App.


Animals indigenous to the Hudson Valley may unexpectedly appear on campus grounds and outside residence halls, as our facilities are surrounded by their natural habitat.

Various birds, snakes, rodents (including squirrels and groundhogs), and other animals are active on and around the campus grounds. Students should not feed, touch, harass, or approach any wild animal. Residence hall doors should be kept closed to prevent their entry into the facility. It is essential that students not disturb any animals and immediately notify Campus Safety if any animal appears ill or poses any type of threat.


Known to students as Lake Velouté, the pond located in front of Pick/Herndon Hall is for the enjoyment of all. Fishing is limited to "catch and release," and can only be done on the shores. No boats, rafts, or flotation devices are permitted. Swimming is not allowed. Pollution or littering of Lake Velouté is strictly prohibited. Ice skating (or walking) on ice is not permitted. Year-round (indoor) ice skating is available at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY. Call 845-454-5800 for information.

Railroad Tracks and Cliffs

Due to the obvious danger they present, the cliffs along the edge of the CIA's property are off limits. These cliffs are owned by Amtrak, and if students are found in these areas, it will be considered trespassing. In addition, the railroad tracks and adjacent areas below, which run along the banks of the Hudson River, are also Amtrak property and are off limits at all times. Students should cooperate and be sure they and their visitors stay clear of these areas.

Wooded Property

The CIA's wooded property located north of and adjacent to the main campus is open only during daylight hours. All CIA policies are in effect in this area, including but not limited to: no open campfires, no alcohol consumption, no illegal substances, no littering, no hunting, and no off-road motorized vehicles. No person shall injure, destroy, deface, remove, fill in, tamper with, or cut any tree or other plant life.The property adjacent to the south side of campus is private property and is posted No Trespassing.

Environmental Protection

New York State enforces strict laws to protect our environment. Properties along the Hudson River, including The Culinary Institute of America, are under special scrutiny to ensure that the fragile ecosystem of the estuary is not compromised. Fines of up to $10,000 may be imposed by the Department of Environmental Conservation for various violations (e.g., oil/grease spills, recycling infractions, etc.). It is extremely important that students obey the college's policies and procedures relating to environmental issues to avoid possible liability in an incident.