Lock Doors to Prevent Theft

For residents' protection, students are encouraged to keep their doors locked at all times. To prevent theft, students should lock their door and take their keys when leaving their room, even when going to the laundry room.

Room keys are issued on arrival day and, at a later date, are to be returned to the Residence Life staff member who assists students in properly checking out of their room. All keys remain the property of the CIA. It's against the law to duplicate a CIA key. External doors are always kept locked. Only students with valid IDs and escorted guests can enter via the electronic card access system. Do not hold doors open for unknown parties.

If students get locked out of their room, they can request assistance from residence life or safety/security staff. Students may be assessed a $15 charge for this service. Students should report a lost key immediately to Residence Life in New York or Campus Safety and Security in California to obtain a replacement key. If a student loses a key, or does not return a key upon checkout, a $50 fee (NY) or $25 fee (CA) per key will be assessed. In New York, if a student loses a room key more than once, a fee will be assessed for a lock change.

In California, if a student's keycard demagnetizes, students should contact the Office of Safety and Security. They will provide students with a new keycard in exchange for the old keycard. There is no charge for this service. Keycards should be kept away from laptops, MP3 players, cellular phones, and other electronic devices or magnets to minimize the risk of demagnetization.