During the spring and winter intersessions, the residence halls and CIA-controlled housing will be closed and students will be expected to leave campus. The halls will be locked and secured, and students won't be allowed to remain in, or return to, their room until the official reopening time. Notices will be posted in advance to let students know the dates and times.

Every effort will be made to protect personal property, but the CIA cannot be responsible for loss or damage. Students can leave their belongings in their room during spring and winter intersession periods, but students are encouraged to take home all items of value.

During summer intersessions, students are required to fully vacate their rooms and remove all personal belongings. Students returning to campus following summer intersession will need to complete a new housing application and participate in the room selection process.

Students are instructed to do the following before leaving for any intersession:

  1. Close and lock windows
  2. In New York only, leave heater/air conditioner on low; in summer, leave the dehumidifier on, if the room is equipped with one
  3. Unplug electrical appliances and defrost refrigerators
  4. Clean room and remove trash and recycling
  5. Turn off all lights
  6. Report any leaking faucets or toilets
  7. Take valuables
  8. Lock the door
  9. Follow any other instructions from Residence Life staff

Once students have left for intersession, Residence Life and Campus Safety staff members will inspect their rooms. Failure to complete the items listed above may result in the assessment of non-appealable fines beginning at $50 and up to $250.

Intersession Housing

A student who experiences a short-term break of no more than six weeks between class registrations or degree offerings may request intersession housing. Housing charges will be a prorated cost depending on the room type and building location. Typically there is no difference in cost whether students reside on campus or store their belongings in the room unless authorized by Residence Life prior to intersession. Residence Life reserves the right to alter the location of intersession housing as deemed necessary by such factors as, but not limited to, number of requests for housing, scheduled maintenance to campus buildings, or utility outages. In most cases, students who requests intersession housing will remain in their current room for the duration of the intersession.To qualify for intersession housing, a student must:

  • Be registered for classes following the intersession
  • Be in a position where leaving campus would be unrealistic due to distance from campus
  • Be in good disciplinary standing with no more than six demerits
  • Have all financial obligations to the CIA satisfied or a plan in place through SFRS

Requests for intersession housing can be submitted via the Intersession Housing Request form.

If requests for intersession housing are granted, the student's current housing contract and all requirements within will be extended to cover the length of the intersession. At the New York campus, if dining facilities remain open a student may be expected to purchase gold points to dine on campus for the duration of the intersession, as no meal plan will be offered. At the California campus, if dining facilities remain open a student will be billed a prorated board fee during the intersession period. If a student is found in violation of the Student Code of Conduct during their intersession stay, they may be asked to leave campus immediately without refund for the cost of intersession housing.