Occasional overnight guests are permitted with written permission from the Residence Life Office, residence director/area coordinator, or Campus Safety. Students must be present on campus when they have guests. Visitors are expected to follow all campus regulations including, but not limited to Student Code of Conduct and campus parking guidelines. Students are responsible for any damages to CIA property caused by their guests as well as any parking or traffic fines incurred by their guests. Guests of students must carry an official form of identification at all times and be prepared to produce it at the request of any college official. Guests of residential students must park in designated residential student parking spaces. A guest is defined as, but is not limited to, a person a student permits into a building and/or a person involved in an activity in a student's room. Guests must be 18 years of age or older. Guests may be 16 or 17 years of age if they are members of a student's immediate family. Proof of relationship is required, and three days notice must be provided to the hall's Residence Director prior to approval. Students may have a registered overnight guest in their room twice per semester, each time for a maximum three-day visit. Overnight guest registration must be completed 24 hours in advance through the Residence Life Portal accessed through the CIA Main Menu. The Residence Director or Area Coordinator of the building will approve the registered overnight guest. It is best practice to inform all roommates of any overnight guests 24 hours in advance of their stay. Students' guests who have not received advanced permission to stay overnight must vacate the room and campus by 12 a.m., Monday–Friday and by 2 a.m., Saturday and Sunday. Excessive stays by daytime guests may be subject to the approval and permission of residence life staff. Guests are not permitted to remain in the host's room when the host is not present.