Dining Services

Student dining at The Culinary Institute of America is much more than a typical college meal plan. It's an important part of the campus culture at the CIA, fostering community and teamwork by preparing and sharing meals together. Most important, student dining is a vital part of a CIA education, both for those students preparing the meals and those partaking in them. The college's unique dining program is driven by the curriculum and provides the campus population with a vast array of menu options each class day.

By taking advantage of their instructional day meals, students educate their palates and expand their exposure to a variety of cuisines, foods, ingredients, and cooking methods. Enjoying student-prepared meals also serves to support the efforts of classmates in achieving their educational goals. Through the dining program, students learn valuable real-world skills such as preparing mise en place, building speed and timing in the kitchen, and plating for service.

To be served and to dine on campus, students must be in uniform or following the proper dress code as described in the Professionalism, Uniform, and Hygiene section of the Academic Catalog


The CIA's standard meal plan in New York provides a predetermined number of points for every regularly scheduled class day as part of a student's board fee and 325 Gold Points for Weekend/Extra Dining choices. A set number of points may be deducted as an education requirement at a specific location as part of the class. Students may purchase additional Gold Points that will allow for more meal options throughout the entire semester and may be used during the week, on weekends, and on other days when there are no scheduled classes. Students must have their valid student ID card to be served. Students should not give their ID card to another student for the purpose of obtaining a meal; this is a code of conduct violation subject to disciplinary action. Students also must be in uniform or following the proper dress code to be served in Roth Hall. Uniform/proper dress code is not required in the Student Commons. The meal program may be modified in the event of severe weather or power outages.

Dietary Restrictions

Understanding that some students may have medical restrictions—including food allergies and sensitivities—that affect their diet, the college's Learning Strategies Center (LSC) staff is available to assist in addressing these limitations as they apply to the technical requirements of the curriculum. If students have a dietary restriction, they must provide medical documentation of that restriction to LSC staff. For information about reasonable accommodations for class assignments, product handling, and/or student dining options as related to dietary restrictions, please contact:

New York

Medical-related: Learning Strategies Center at 845-905-4631

Non-medical-related: Dining Services at 845-905-4518


Learning Strategies Center at 707-967-2406


LSC administrator at 210-554-6465

Delivery of Meals to Room-bound Students—NY

If students are unable to leave their residence hall room due to illness, a meal may be brought to them. Students must observe the following procedures:

  1. Students must first be on file with Student Health Services as being ill and absent from class.
  2. Students must initiate the request for a meal delivery from Dining Services. Students should ask a classmate, roommate, or friend to assist them as the "runner" of their meal.
  3. The chef and the kitchen will handle the meal just like any other order, except that the meal is served to the "runner."
  4. The "runner" should not miss a class to deliver a meal.

Under no circumstances are non-disposable plates, utensils, or equipment to leave Roth Hall, the J. Willard Marriott Education Center, or The Egg. Students who violate this policy will be assessed a $25 fine.