Courtesy Hours/Quiet Hours

Courtesy hours are in effect 24 hours every day to provide for the study, sleep, and privacy needs of all residents. If students create excessive noise or disturbance (including excessive stereo volume), they are subject to disciplinary action, including the loss of housing. Showing respect and consideration for neighbors is everyone's responsibility. Students shouldn't bring large musical instruments (e.g., drums, keyboards, amplified guitars, etc.) which may disturb other residents. Playing sports or participating in loud or noisy activities in residence hall corridors, common areas, or courtyards is prohibited. The volume of car radios/stereos on campus also needs to be low so that classes and residents are not disturbed.

Quiet hours have been established at night to promote an environment conducive to academic pursuits. Unless residing in a Quiet Living Community where students are expected to maintain quiet hours 24 hours per day, students are expected to respect these hours:

  • 10 p.m.–8 a.m., Sunday–Thursday
  • Midnight–10 a.m., Friday and Saturday