Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)—NY & CA

Personal difficulties and emotional stress can negatively affect students quality of life and ability to succeed. The role of CAPS is to help students achieve professional and personal goals and to address problems that may get in the way of success. Speaking with a trained, objective professional can increase self-awareness and help to build better coping strategies and resilience.

Students use CAPS, for a variety of reasons. These include life and career transitions, adjusting to a new environment, anxiety, stress, relationship difficulties, family matters, low self-esteem or confidence, depression, and alcohol or drug use concerns.

For currently enrolled New York and California students who are not on leave, there is no cost for counseling services on campus.

Confidentiality and trust are very important to the counseling process. As governed by law, the information disclosed in counseling will not be shared with anyone outside of Counseling and Psychological Services. Counseling records are not part of education records. The office is staffed by licensed mental health professionals who abide by codes of ethics, and by federal and state laws regarding confidentiality.

Individual personal counseling is focused on the particular needs of the student. Students and their therapist will discuss their concerns and come up with plans to address them. We offer what is described as "talk therapy." This includes solution-focused counseling, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Some concerns require a comprehensive treatment approach, which means that talk therapy will be only one part of care. We can assist students with referrals to area psychiatrists, nutritionists, or other specialists as needed. For instance, eating disorders should be addressed with therapy, medical monitoring, and nutrition counseling. We work with students other provider(s) as part of their treatment/support team.

Alcohol and other drug use concerns can be assessed in confidence by CAPS. We can help students plan a broad approach to dealing with substance misuse and related personal matters. As needed, we work in collaboration with community-based treatment resources. Please note that we do not provide court-ordered counseling but can refer students to appropriate providers.

When students are concerned about a friend, they may request a consultation with a counselor. We will discuss the concerns and provide suggestions for managing the situation and referring a friend for appropriate assistance.

Confidential support for sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, or harassment is provided by CAPS. We provide services for students who have experienced sexual assault, other violent crimes, or harassment. Please note that we are not involved in the investigation or grievance process, and we do not report information to campus officials. As such, we provide a place for students to discuss their concerns without having to file a formal complaint. We can help students understand the resources available, explore options for reporting incidents, and provide emotional support. As needed, psychotherapy can help address the emotional aftermath of these incidents.

Educational programs for wellness-related topics (e.g., mindful meditation) are offered by our staff counselors. Also, we offer confidential screening programs for depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.

Therapists typically work by appointment in order to set aside time to address concerns. For urgent mental health concerns, a same-day consultation can be requested. If students need to reschedule the time or decide not to attend, it is requested that students please contact us as far in advance as possible so another student may have access to an appointment. Students who miss multiple appointments without advance notice may be denied CAPS services and referred off campus instead.

Our offices are open from 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday–Friday. Please note that our offices are closed during the winter and summer break periods. To schedule an appointment or visit CAPS, please call or go to:

New York


Student Commons Room 218



Rhodes Room, located inside the main entrance

Crisis intervention, outside of our regular office hours, can be requested through Campus Safety/Security or by contacting:

New York

Dutchess County Helpline at 845-485-9700 for 24-hour support


Napa County Crisis Hotline at 707-253-4711 for 24-hour support

Counseling and Mental Health Resources—TX

Personal difficulties and emotional stress can affect a student's quality of life and ability to learn. Speaking with a trained, objective professional can increase self-awareness and help students to build better coping strategies and resilience.

If students are already under the care of a psychiatrist and/or therapist, they may want to transfer their care to local resources in order to have appropriate support during their time at school.

Student should check with their insurance provider for a list of therapists and psychiatrists in Bexar County who accept their insurance. Students without insurance should consider purchasing coverage.

If students need mental health services or experience a mental health crisis, the following resources are available in the San Antonio area:

Bexar County Mental Health

210-223-7233, 24 hours a day

The Center for Health Care Services


1-800-316-9241, 24 hour crisis care helpline