Center for Career and Academic Advising—CA

At Greystone, the Senior Career and Academic Advisor is located within the Education Office on the third floor and supports CIA students and graduates with their career management and academic needs. Career and Academic Advising is here to assist students with:

  • Creating career and academic goals as well as specific plans to achieve them.
  • Building a professional network.
  • Creating résumés, cover letters, portfolios, profiles, blogs, social media presence, and any other means of advertising skills and value to employers.
  • Preparing for Career Networking Days and On-Campus Recruiting events, as well as for interviews.
  • Finding and creating opportunities for career advancement.
  • Achieving academic success.
  • Creating individualized strategies to succeed both in and outside the classroom.

Students will be introduced to the Center for Career and Academic Advising during new student orientation. Through Externship Orientation on Moodle and one-on-one advising sessions, students will be prepared to seek out and secure an externship location. The senior career and academic advisor will remain in contact with students during their externship experience. Then, as students prepare to graduate, they will work with their advisor on career planning or their transition to the New York campus to continue their education in one of CIA's bachelor's degree programs.

Career Networking Day and On-Campus Recruiting Opportunities

Students at Greystone can take advantage of recruitment opportunities and presentations held on campus. These opportunities will be communicated to students via CIA student e-mail and posted on the Career and Academic Services bulletin board. Career Networking Days are held in the fall, spring, and summer each academic year and On-Campus Recruiting is held on the third Thursday of every month.

In addition, employers recruit on the CIA's New York campus during Career Fairs and throughout the year for both externship and full-time job opportunities. Students should watch for announcements so they can identify employers of interest. If students are interested in any of the positions available at a particular Career Fair, they can submit their résumé to prospective employers directly.