MSFS-570: Leadership, Engagement, and Impact

Class Program
Credits 3

This course will introduce students to the different ways that individual stakeholders can actively influence the practices and policies that control the global food system.  The class will
focus on showcasing how chefs, farmers, and others use their personal profiles, restaurants, and networks to influence policies related to worker rights, environmental sustainability, nutrition incentives, and social justice.  The course will present historical and current case studies of individuals and companies leading food system reforms by changing their own business practices, working directly with community-based organizations, and advocating for policy changes.


Exploring the Greater San Francisco Bay Area Food System (MSFS-501A), Sustainability and Climate Change (MSFS-500), Systems Thinking Seminar (MSFS-505), Local, Regional, and Global Food Systems (MSFS-510), Race, Class, and Justice from the Field to the Table (MSFS-520), Sustainable Agriculture (MSFS-530), Exploring the Greater New York City Food System (MSFS-501B), Sustainable Diets and Public Health (MSFS-540) Culinary Strategy and Food System Innovation (MSFS-550)


Food Movement Voices: How to Create Change (MSFS-560)