MGMT-315: Introduction to Corporate Ventures

Credits 3
This course will explore the concept of entrepreneurship in the corporate setting (intrapreneurship). Students will learn the value of seeking new and innovative products and processes to improve profitability and achieve staying power in a fast-moving business world. While using the hospitality and food industry sector as a base, students will learn how to apply the skills of an entrepreneur to obtain business solutions that are fresh, inventive, and novel. The course will target skills to identify and evaluate potential business ideas, cultivate creativity, and navigate the pathways of change within a corporate environment. Case studies, readings, guest speakers, and interactive projects will be the foundation for producing a meaningful skill set that will ensure entrepreneurial success. No textbook will be used for this course.
Marketing & Promoting Food (MGMT-205), Corporate Finance (MGMT-260), and Menu Development and Testing (MGMT-330).