Managed Service


HMMS-303: Managed Service I

This course is designed to introduce the students to various segments of the hospitality industry including health care, college/university, school (K-12), business and industry, leisure/ recreation, vending, in-flight, and corrections. The traditional food service opportunities are enhanced, but the course goes further in-depth into the other services now being offered by the hospitality companies; i.e., housekeeping, environmental services, and patient care.

HMMS-323: Managed Service II

This course provides students with an understanding of the unique management issues facing the operation of the following hospitality venues: sports stadiums, business and industry accounts (B&I), convention centers, colleges and universities, private/public schools, healthcare such as medical centers, hospitals, critical care retirement centers (CCRC's), and museums/performing arts centers. Students will analyze case studies, contracts, and tour local hospitality properties to describe contract food management operations.

HMMS-425: Hospitality Labor Relations

This course provides an in-depth exposure to the complex and dynamic nature of labor-management relations in the hospitality industry. Students are exposed to the management of the collective bargaining process and union contracts. Within the labor relations process, students learn how to manage areas such as union organiza- tion campaigns, strikes, unfair labor practices, disciplinary proce- dures, and grievances and arbitrations.