LART-400: A Sense of Place: Critical Perspectives on the California Wine Industry

Credits 3
This interdisciplinary course seeks to provide a cultural, historical, and socioeconomic context for the modern California wine industry. Students in this course will not only read about the history and culture of California wine, but also will, by meeting and engaging with visiting speakers, be able to take part in academic and practical conversations that will expand the discourse. Students will be introduced to the social and historical chronology, major events, salient issues, and controversies of the California wine industry through assigned readings, films, and interaction and discourse with experts in order to place California wine in both the professional and larger culture.
Wine Studies (HOSP-305), Introduction to Wine Studies (HOSP-300), Wine and Beverage Studies (HOSP-355), or Service & Beverage Management (HMFB-210).
Prerequisite or Corequisite
Advanced Principles of Service Management in Hospitality (HSBV-380), Advanced Wine Studies (HSBV-404), La Sommelierie: Developing and Delivering a Professional Beverage Program (HSBV-375), Spirits and Principles of Mixology (HSBV-300).