LART-312: Food and Cultures: Italy

Class Program
Credits 3

In this class, you will study the regional foods, drinks, and foodways of Italy to better understand evolving global food culture and food systems. Through focused readings and experiential activities, we will look at food traditions and heritage, etiquette and manners, the technologies of food and drink production, the social impacts of food habits, regionality and terroir, and the challenges of the global landscape.


College Writing (LITC-100) or College Writing for English Language Learners (LITC-100A), and Introduction to Gastronomy (APFS-150) or Gastronomy (APFS-155).


Advanced Cooking (ADVC-301I), Regional Northern Italian Cuisine (BPSE-426), Regional Southern Italian Cuisine (BPSE-427), and Concentration Capstone (BPSE-450I).