HSBV-404: Advanced Wine Studies

Credits 3
Students will build upon the knowledge and competencies gained in Wine Studies. This elective course allows students to obtain more detailed information about grape varieties, grape-growing regions, and wine-producing nations of the world. Students will also enhance their base of knowledge about opportunities and challenges in the wine industry to prepare them to become more accomplished managers and leaders. Students will have opportunities to learn--and be tested on--"blind tasting" of several wines. The course may include a restaurant visit as the basis for a wine and food pairing essay, a case study analysis of a restaurant wine list chosen by each student, and written critiques of assigned readings addressing issues in the wine industry and wine culture.
Wine Studies (HOSP-305), Introduction to Wine Studies (HOSP-300), Wine and Beverage Studies (HOSP-355), or Service and Beverage Management (HMFB-210).