BPSE-441: Japan As Inspiration

Credits 3
This course will allow students to apply the skills they have learned in the previous sections to develop and execute repetition with respect to Japanese tradition and cooking techniques, while considering local and sustainable dining trends in the American market. They'll continue learning advanced techniques for preparing Japanese cuisine, combined with today's innovative Japanese food and beverage pairing; practice repetitions on the variety of cooking techniques for traditional Japanese cuisine; and be exposed to the influences Japanese cuisine has on different cuisines internationally. Lessons will evolve from tradition to adaptability with a Japanese mindset of seasonal, local, and sustainable. Use of Japanese ingredients and western substitutions will be practiced, so recipes that call for an unavailable ingredient can use an acceptable substitute. Students will also explore the rich history of fermented beverages in Japanese culture, with particular emphasis on sake, and learn to pair dishes with beverages. Integrated with the CIA's Japanese Cuisine concentration, this course will give students a basic-level certification in the knowledge and skills needed to discuss and serve sake at a professional level.
History and Culture of Japan (LART-340), Advanced Japanese Cuisine/Kaiseki (ADVC-305), Basic Japanese Cuisine (BPSE-440), Concentration Capstone: Japanese (BPSE-450J).