BPSE-425: Transcultural Studies

Non-Credit Course
This is a residential module of 45 hours that aims to enable students to think more effectively like global citizens. Based on the 4Rs framework of Recognition, Respect, Reconciliation, and Rooting, it lays the foundation for enhanced cross-cultural understanding when interacting with people from diverse backgrounds. This module discusses the Seven Dimensions of Culture model by Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner, and includes a personalized Intercultural Awareness Profile. It also addresses issues of social responsibility for sustainable community development.
Advanced Cooking (ADVC-301A), Asian Cuisine I (BPSE-423), Asian Cuisine II (BPSE-424), Traditional Foodways, Culinary Customs, and Ingredients of Asia (LART-405), and Concentration Capstone: Asian (BPSE-450A).