BPSE-424: Asian Cuisine II

Credits 3
Asian Cuisine II traces cuisines along the historic spice routes of Asian seas and waterways. Connectivity to the cuisines of greater Asia will be explored, building upon the topics covered in Asian Cuisine I. Attention will be given to ingredients, cooking techniques, and flavor profiles from countries including India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. We will compare and contrast how similar ingredients and cooking techniques are utilized in different ways to create distinguishable flavor profiles and iconic dishes associated with each region. Students will engage in lecture, hands-on cooking classes, and evaluation of dishes by the instructor, invited guests, and classmates.
Advanced Cooking (ADVC-301A), Asian Cuisine I (BPSE-423), Traditional Foodways, Culinary Customs, and Ingredients of Asia (LART-405), Transcultural Studies (BPSE-425), and Concentration Capstone: Asian (BPSE-450A).