BPSE-423: Asian Cuisine I

Credits 3
Asian Cuisine I focuses on the regional cuisines of Central, Western, and South Asia as defined by the historic Silk Road. The course will explore both ancient and modern culinary attributes of the region by following trade routes out of China, across the steppes, and into Persia, as well as secondary routes leading out of China through South Asia. Focus will be placed on ingredients, cooking techniques, and flavor profiles from the major regions whose overlapping geography have created both commonalities and distinct culinary traditions across greater Asia. We will compare and contrast how similar ingredients are utilized in different ways among these regions to create distinguishable flavor profiles and iconic dishes associated with each region. Students will engage in lecture, hands-on cooking classes, and evaluation of dishes by the instructor, invited guests, and classmates.
Advanced Cooking (ADVC-301A), Asian Cuisine II (BPSE-424), Traditional Foodways, Culinary Customs, and Ingredients of Asia (LART-405), Transcultural Studies (BPSE-425), and Concentration Capstone: Asian (BPSE-450A).