BPSE-421: Latin Cuisines: South America

Credits 3
This course focuses on the regional cuisines of South America. Special attention will be given to the ingredients--especially tubers, grains, and manioc--cooking techniques, and flavor profiles and iconic dishes from the Pacific Coastal, Andes, Amazon, Cerrado, and Pampas regions. The class will compare and contrast how similar ingredients are utilized in different ways amongst these regions to create distinguishable flavor profiles and iconic dishes associated with each one. Students will engage in lecture, hands-on cooking classes, and evaluation of dishes by the instructor, invited guests, and their classmates during family meal.
Advanced Cooking (ADVC-301L), Ancient Foods in a Modern World: Latin American Crops in the Global Arena (LART-335), Latin Cuisines: Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean (BPSE-420), and Concentration Capstone: Latin (BPSE-450L).