BPSE-407: Chef-Community Relations

Credits 3
This course offers students the opportunity to develop personal relationships with other food system actors in their community including farmers, consumers, business owners, community organizations, and others. Direct participation in these relationships will empower them to make informed choices about their role as a chef or restaurateur in today's world. Students will coordinate with local organizations, producers, and each other to create a network of education and collaboration and will be challenged to imagine how these connections might be used to address real world problems and challenges to social, economic, and environmental sustainability within their community and throughout the world. By engaging in relationships with local producers, organizations, consumers, and each other, students will be encouraged to develop the skills needed to build social capitol and to evaluate their own values and beliefs about what sustainable chef-farmer-community collaborations can accomplish.
Advanced Cooking (ADVC-301F), Ecology of Food (APFS-320), Farm to Fork: Practices of a Sustainable Table (BPSE-402), and Sustainable Food Systems (BPSE-351).