BPSE-351: Sustainable Food Systems

Credits 3
This course will inspire students to explore the social, economic, and environmental sustainability within our food system with particular emphasis on issues related to the climate crisis. Through lectures, discussion, project work, and hands on experiences, students will engage in a critical analysis of the historical and contemporary methods of production, distribution, processing, marketing, purchasing, preparation, and waste management within the food system. Participation in this course will provide students with a deep and nuanced understanding of the challenges to nutrition and sustainability presented by historical, political, economic, social, and cultural dynamics, as well as logistics, technology, and physical infrastructure. Special emphasis will be placed on exploring the role and responsibility of chefs, restaurant workers, food business owners, farmers, farmworkers, eaters, consumers, voters, corporations, policy makers, organizations, social movements, and others in making meaningful change and contributing to the development of a more just, equitable, and sustainable food system.