MFBS-565: Manufacturing, Co-Packing, Supply Chain, and Legal Contracts

Credits 3
In this course students will explore and evaluate food product sources through a nutritional and environmental impact lens. Emphasis will be placed on the examination of consumer demand for transparency in where food comes from, including how it's farmed and processed, and analysis of organizational and government impact and oversight. Students will evaluate these issues and develop an actionable blueprint for creating a procurement and production pathway for a product. Practical topics of sourcing a manufacturer or copacker, assuring quality standards, and memorializing needs in legal contracts, will be investigated with application to a specific business model.
Orientation and Cohort Formation (MFBS-501A), Science of Food Systems (MFBS-510), Ethical Leadership in the Food Business (MFBS-530), Business Fundamentals (MFBS-500), Design Thinking for Food (MFBS-520), Framing the Business Playbook (MFBS-501B), Concept Building, Proving, Prototyping (MFBS-545) and Differentiation, Branding, and Packaging (MFBS-555).
Sales, Marketing, Distribution (MFBS-575)