MFBS-560: Marketing and Brand Strategies for the Restaurateur

Credits 3
This course will provide the strategies and skills needed to navigate the food industry from a marketing and branding perspective. The course lectures and supplemental materials will guide learners in the development of relevant and sustainable food and beverage, restaurant, and food-based brand experiences that anticipate and fulfill the needs of today's consumers. This course is designed to set a foundation for generating meaningful new concepts that are viable in the marketplace, desirable to consumers, and operationally & financially feasible. Learners will practice developing and applying the concepts and tools such as writing a business challenge statement, brand development and positioning work, storytelling, guest segmentation and needs identification, in order to learn how to respond to the challenges of a competitive market.
Orientation and Cohort Formation (MFBS-501A), Science of Food Systems (MFBS-510), Ethical Leadership in the Food Business (MFBS-530), Business Fundamentals (MFBS-500), Design Thinking for Food (MFBS-520), Framing the Business Playbook (MFBS-501B), Legal Strategies & Challenges for the Restauranteur (MFBS-540), Restaurant Operations and Management Strategies (MFBS-550).
Real Estate, Capitalization, and Partnership Strategies (MFBS-570)