MFBS-545: Concept Building, Proving, Prototyping

Credits 3
This course includes exploration of the process of creating and vetting a food concept from prototype to a fully formulated and scalable business. Students will look carefully at how to identify a consumer need or innovation area, validate an idea, evaluate the competition, and formulate a product. Product positioning, safety considerations, and government regulations will be studied. Additional topics to be analyzed will include product launch concepts such as basic pricing, branding, packaging, and the exploration of sales channels. Real world examples will be used throughout the course to illustrate product development successes and challenges.
Orientation and Cohort Formation (MFBS-501A), Science of Food Systems (MFBS-510), Ethical Leadership in the Food Business (MFBS-530), Business Fundamentals (MFBS-500), Design Thinking for Food (MFBS-520), Framing the Business Playbook (MFBS-501B)
Differentiation, Branding, and Packaging (MFBS-555)